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Veronika is a religious bastard woman rasied in Razeria. She is a soldier in Monarch Kin 's army. She is a main character in Hail to the King and Kneel to the New God.


Veronika is very pale, and bone-thin. She is tall in comparison to Lana Eisen and Daniella Trobbl . She has brown almond-shaped eyes, and is our equivalent of an "Asian/Chinese" woman. She is twenty-two years old. She has black hair that on one side frames her jaw. The left side of her head is shaved to stubble.



In Razeria, she worked as a prostitute to the Masters. She was abused on the job, and became forcibly malnourished to appear more beautiful to the Masters. The Masters of Razeria grew bored with her sexually, and decided to turn her into the first female Blind Brother. They shaved the side of her head, but refused to burn her eyes in mockery of the fact she was a woman, and was "too pretty to be burned". When her brother Olliphor (who was in training to become a Blind Brother) was told he was going to be shipped to Votten, he begged the Great Master for his sister's life. In mockery of Olliphor's plea, he shipped Veronika to Votten with him to become a soldier in Monarch Kin 's army.

When sailing fom Razeria to the mainland, she meets a woman named Daniella Trobbl . A male sailor was abusing Veronika, and Daniella ordered him apologize and leave, because it was her father's ship they sailed upon. Along the way, Daniella and Veronika fell in love. When they came ashore, Daniella decided to follow wherever Veronika went, and joined her party on their journey to Votten.

Hail to the KingEdit

Kneel to the New GodEdit

While being a guest of Sage Ignytus, Veronika falls into a depressing slump after coming to terms with exactly what she did in her first life. Her and Sage have arguements about whether life is worth living, where Sage is passionate but Veronika is apathetic, having already died already.

Veronika visits a library, and finds an odd book.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hail to the King (Appears)

Kneel to the New God (Appears)