Verena Bryn -- Rosa Mendes

Verena is queen to King Kronan Bryn, the usurper King of Emarcha, and mother to his four children: Hunter, Azelea, Ydra, and Ormar.

Appearence and CharacterEdit

Verena is a very beautiful woman. Her copper brown skin shines with youth, although she is almost 40 years old. Her body is thick and womanly, with sloping curves from living in luxury. Her thick, raven-black hair waves down to her waist. She has deep brown almond-shaped eyes. 

Verena is very confident in who she is and how she looks. She uses her sexuality as a weapon, seducing to get what she wants. She is a loving woman, and is extremely protective of her children. She can be strong and fiery at times, but she is commonly a fairly mellow woman and prefers to relax in luxury.


Verena was born in Xeen, and became a ___. She quickly gained fame in Xeen, where such activities are celebrated and cherished, and caught the attention of Lord Kronan Bryn, who saught to marry her. At the time, Kronan was at least three times her age, and Verena did not want to marry him, but it is assumed that she did it for rank and money.