Pitulles Kin is a member of Monarch Kin 's family, and twin brother to Ower Kin. He was born in Shaland, and served as both friend and royal guard to Marie Tesh and her family before betraying her.

Appearence and CharacterEdit

Pitulles is at least seven feet tall, with a thick, hulking frame of muscules. His skin is a rich brown colour. His face is gaunt, his eyes are black, and his lips are thin. His hair is dark brown and reaches down to his shoulders. A scar runs down the right side of his face between his eyebrow and his ear, where he fell while walking on his hands, backwards, up a set of stairs. Ower Kin is his identical twin brother.

Pituless shows very little emotion. When he was young, he was known to be a kind, silly boy, but that was before a sword was thrust into his hand. He quieted, and became solemn and sadistic, taking pleasure in the bloody acts that Monarch Kin ordered him to commit. He is loyal to his brother, and would follow wherever he went.


Pitulles and his brother were born in Shaland, and raised in Myrilee. In their youth, they befriended the princesses Marie and Kaia. Pituless was a silly child, and one time he attempted to walk backwards, on his hands, up a set of stairs, resulting in a scar on the side of his face.