Ower is the official exectuioner of Monarch Kin . Predating the start of the main series, he served as friend and royal guard to Marie Tesh and her family before betraying them to ensure his daughter Hydranna's safety. He was secretly married to Kaia Tesh, having two daughters with her, Hydranna Tersys and Laecy Tesh . Pitulles Kin is his identical twin brother.

Appearence and CharacterEdit

Ower is seven feet tall. He is thick of body, and heavily muscular. His skin is a rich brown colour. He has long black hair and black eyes. His face is hard and gaunt, and very well defined. His nose is crooked, and his lips are thin. Deep wrinkles in his forehead show his age. His identical twin brother is Pitulles Kin .

Ower was always the quiet brother. He was a sweet boy in his youth, wooing over princess Kaia Tesh with his silent smile and kind, quiet words. He fell into a passionate love with Kaia, and is very protective of their daughters. He deeply regrets betraying his life-long friend, Marie Tesh, and despises killing, but does so to protect his daughter's well-being. 


Ower was born in Shaland, and grew up in Myrilee. There he and his twin brother, Pitulles , befriended Marie and Kaia Tesh, who were the princesses of Shaland. They would play together on the steps before the palace, and Pitulles would try and walk on his hands up the stairs, but fell once and cut his face, resulting in a scar.

Kaia grew to have feelings for Ower, and he her. 

Kaia was engaged to a highborn boy named ______. Ower and Kaia did not care, and remained lovers, resulting in two daughters: Laecy Tesh and Hydranna Tersys. Laecy was told to citizens to be the daughter of Kaia's highborn husband because she looked very much like her mother, but Hydranna could not be pulled off as _____'s because she looked very much like Ower.

To keep her daughter's purity, Ower brought Hydranna with him when he left Shaland with Marie and Pitulles. It is implied that Marie knows the true parentage of Hydranna. He became a royal guard to Queen Marie and King Mason with his brother Pitulles.

When Monarch returned from a temporary leave of her work in Adelond, she grew envious of Marie because her and Mason had once been lovers. She offered Ower a deal that she would ensure his daughter's safety if he and his brother worked for her. He hesitantly accepted, feeling guilty that he would be betraying his life-long friend, Marie.

From then, he and his brother committed many vile acts ordered by Monarch, in Mason's name.

During the Sacking of Adelond,