Monarch is a Ronian woman in her mid-forties with pale brown skin. She has long brown hair that is streaked with grey. Her eyes are dark brown.

She has deep wrinkles in her forehead, and crow's feet. Her cheekbones are high on her oval-shaped face.

Lana Eisen thinks that she might be beautiful if she did not scowl at all times.


Monarch's mother was an artist from Shaland, and taught her daughter bits and pieces of the Shalansi language. Her father was a weapon's smith from Crimm Town. Her father saved her mother from prostitution, and gave her a marriage proposal in the form of a ivory sword.

During Monarch's youth, she ran away for unknown reasons. She ended up as a servant in the royal palace of Adelond. There she fell in love with the prince, Mason Eisen.

(She took a leave of absence, and it is implied that she bore Mason's child. SHe came back, and he was engaged and in love with Marie Eisen. She grew envious when Mason completely forgot all his feeling for her, and after Lana's birth, she started spreading malicious rumors among the peasants and high lords that the royal family were comitting disgusting acts. In fact, it was she was was comitting those acts, with the help of her "brothers" Pitulles and Ower who were two important royal guards. (in fact, they were planted there because Ower was married to Kaia, Marie's sister, and they grew up together.)