Maerie Tesh was the eldest daughter of Teneillenti I, and proceeded her as the third Noak of Shaland. With her husband Geshael, she was mother to five children: Avole, Deow, Eope, Laen, and Noest.

She died at a young age, and was proceeded by her eldest daughter, Avole Tesh.

Appearence and Character Edit

Maerie was a short, thick-bodied woman with short black hair and small black eyes. She often dressed in reds and blacks, because they reminded her of war, and that she, although extremely powerful, was not immortal.

She was a fiery woman with a quick temper, and was easily offended. She believed that since she being a Noak made her a god amongst humans, and that the commoners should bow at her feet and record her every word into bibles. When with her children, she was exceptionally patient, and wanted them to know that she loved them, because her own mother had not had the time to spend.

History Edit