Levi Doggord -- Zachary Quinto

Levi Doggord is both a man and a god. When called either the Shadow, or Degrolved, he is a fiery force to be reckoned with. He is a main character in War of Blue Flame, Kneel to the New God, and Scream a Prayer.


Levi is a young man of twenty-some years. He has pale, milky skin and short black hair. He has round blue eyes. He keeps well-groomed, and is considered extremely beautiful by many.

War of Blue FlameEdit

Levi is a sailor in Ellix, who travels between Shaland and the mainland trading goods on a ship called ____.

Hail to the KingEdit

Levi is vaguely mentioned by Lana Eisen when she tells a mostly false tale about the Tesh sisters to Daniella Trobbl in the dungeon at Votten, before her and Daniella's trial.

"She sacrificed herself by drinking a potion that would stop a . . . devil from setting flame to the continent and country of Shaland." -- Lana Eisen 

Levi appears in a series of repetitive nightmares by Veronika. He always surfaces by the end of her dreams, in a sea of white, saying these words to her--"He watches whilst you weep tears of blood. He does not care. He cannot save you. She will be the death of you."-- in a soft voice, the last phrase repeating in increased volume until she wakes up in a hot sweat.

Kneel to the New GodEdit

Levi is summoned by a ritual Veronika performs.


The Shadow


Levi son of Lorcain

Levi of Ellix


War of Blue Flame (Appears)

Hail to the King (Mentioned)

Kneel to the New God (Appears)

Scream a Prayer (Appears)