Doran is being held captive by Ignytus men, when rescued by Aurora Eisen and Noisha Finn. His best friend, and, later, lover is Asher Lily.

He is the son of Monarch Kin and Mason Eisen, making him a half-brother to Lana and Aurora Eisen.

Appearance and Character Edit

Doran is a tall, thick-bodied lad in his early twenties. His skin is pale, but he is of mixed descent (Ronian, Native Emarchian, and Azorian). His shaggy hair is dyed light pink, but his natural hair colour is black. His eyes are round and pale blue, his jawline hard and defined. Noisha Finn unknowingly compares his outward appearance to his half-sister, Aurora Eisen, and says they look almost similar.

History Edit

Doran was born in a town outside of Adelond to his mother, Monarch Kin, who had had an affair with soon-to-be king Mason Eisen.