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Daniella Trobbl is a soldier in Monarch Kin's army. She is a good friend to Lana Eisen , and lover to Veronika. She served as captain to a ship called the Sapphire Wave after her father's death, where she traveled to Razeria and back, transporting a hundred Blind Brothers, including Veronika, to the mainland.

Appearence and CharacterEdit

Daniella is a short, thick-bodied woman of eighteen. She has long, waist-length black hair that is put into thin braids tied behind her head. Her eyes are large, round, and brown. Her dark skin is bumpy with pimples.

She is a very kind and gentle woman, with a great love of the sea, and of her lover Veronika. Her actions can sometimes be rash, but she does what she feels is right and does not regret it.


Daniella was born in Tearfall to a prominent family of sailors. Her father, Achor Trobbl, was a respected trader who owned a fleet of

After her father's death, she took over command of a ship called the Sapphire Wave, that was heading to and from Razeria. On the way back, she met a woman named Veronika, who was being ridiculed by soldiers. Daniella ordered the men to leave her alone, so they started spending time together during the journey, and eventually fell in love. Once returned to Tearfall, she made the decision to leave with Veronika, and join Monarch Kin's army (which was where Veronika was heading).

Title: Captain of the Sapphire Wave
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Place of birth: Tearfall
Place of death: Votten