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 Aurora Eisen, also known as Rorina Lunell or Rory, is an Emarchian princess born to Mason Eisen and Marie Tesh . She is the younger sister of Lana Eisen . By the end of Hail to the King, she is married to Noisha Finn and has bore twins, Ceryna Finn and Lucian Finn. She is a main character in Hail to the King and Kneel to the New God.

Early LifeEdit

Aurora is the youngest living child born to Mason and Marie. Her elder sister Lana is her primary caregiver throughout most of her life, as Aurora was only a baby at the time of the Sacking, and

Her sister gave her training with many weapons, but favoured the bow most of all.

Although her parents were deeply effected by their exile, Aurora seems uncorrupted by the severeness of their lives, even after her mother's death and her father's abandonment.


Aurora is a fifteen year old girl at the start of the series. She is tall and slender, with brown, unblemished skin, emerald eyes, and "rosebud" lips. Her fair hair is long and wavy, sometimes curly, and reaches down to her waist. She was sometimes referred to by her father as "Little Lucia" because she was given the golden hair and emerald eyes of her grandmother, Lucia Eisen. Noisha Finn considers Aurora to be extremely beautiful.

Hail to the King (Prologue)Edit

Aurora is first introduced as a girl of four years,


Rorina Lunell


Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Spouse: Noisha Finn

Lucian Finn

Ceryna Finn


Hail to the King (Appears)

Kneel to the New God (Appears)

Scream a Prayer (Mentioned)