Althea is a young healer employed in Votten, and having previously worked in Vertra Landon. She is originally from Shaland.


Althea is a young girl who looks approximately 14 years old. She is said not to age very quickly, because in a dream Lana Eisen has, she relives the wedding of Zayden Finn and Ava Kin, where Althea is present but looks no different, whereas everyone else in the dream is significantly younger.

Althea is short and thin, with light brown skin and short, straight black hair. She has big brown eyes and a small mouth.


Althea was born on the continent of Shaland. She was taken in by Augustus Rein at a very young age, and raised by him. She soon grew bored of simple life, and moved to the mainland to pursue a career in healing., which Augustus had taught her about in some depth.

She finds work in Vertra Landon. On the night of Ava Kin and Zayden Finn's wedding, Kieran Kin is poisoned with a poison called Whine. Jud Kin rushes to bring his younger brother Kieran to Althea, where she presumably heals him, inevitably saving his life, and earning the gratitude and trust of both brothers.

After saving Kieran's life, Althea presumably went with the brothers when they returned to Votten, having created a new friendship and purpose.

Hail to the King Edit

Althea is called upon by Jud Kin to mend Lana Eisen after she is brutalized almost to death by Pitulles Kin.